Lost In the Beauty Of Cherry Blossom

cherry blossom picture collage

What could be more beautiful than the full bloom cherry blossom trees on a clear spring day? I believe the beauty of cherry blossom groves is beyond comparison. Whether it’s white or pink, this flower looks beautiful in all its form and color. There are so many varieties of cherry blossoms. This spring 2015 from early April to late April, I have the opportunity to see and photograph a few cherry blossom trees with full bloom flowers during its pick bloom days. The full blooms of cherry blossom trees that I had seen growing near Tidal Basin in Washington, D.C. during cherry blossom festival in early April are known as “Somei-Yoshino” or Yoshino cherry and its color is nearly pure white with a hint of the palest pink especially near the stem. “Somei-Yoshino” cherry blossoms have five petals and is the most popular variety of cherry blossom in Japan. However, other than Yoshino cherry there are so many varieties of cherry blossoms and among them “Kanzan” cherry blossom is also one of them. This pink variety of cherry blossom blooms only during mid to late April and this variety of cherry flower consists of almost 30-50 pink petals. The coppery brown  fresh leaves of this type of pink cherry flower are a great match with its flower color. This post of mine is especially for “Kanzan” cherry blossom pictures which I clicked this spring late April in Jersey City, New Jersey.

“If we could see the miracle of a single flower clearly our whole life would change.” Buddha

Flowers make me happy. So, I click a lot of flower pictures wherever I go.  A series of spring flower pictures are yet to come in my next post. Here are some of my favorite Cherry Blossom flower pictures (Kanzan) to share.

cherry blossom picture collage

Pick bloom cherry blossom picture collage

cherry flower tree picture

Life is beautiful under the cherry blossom tree

full bloom cherry flower

Pink blooms covering the cherry tree

full bloom pink cherry tree

Majestic view of spring

A close-up view of kanzan cherry flower

Close-up view of cherry flower

kanzan pink cherry bloom with its coppery brown leaves

A bunch of Cherry Blossom with its coppery brown leaves

kanzan cherry flower picture

Hanging pink cherry flower picture

beautiful cherry blossom grove

Pick bloom pictures of cherry blossom

spring flower picture

Branches covered with flowers

pick bloom cherry blossom pictures

Spring is in the air!! Cherry Blossom in its full bloom


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