For You, Dear Cherry Blossom

What a bloom! What a bloom!

Oh! Cherry blossom

See what spring has done to you

Now tell me where you will hide your beauty, your elegance.

Surely, it is going to attract the sights of every wanderer,

Every passerby, every traveler.

The ancient symbolism you hold,

The life teachings you give,

You can touch the soul of every being and that is a sheer truth.

Oh! The reminder of the beauty of life

Let me be a hummingbird who can see you so close,

Or maybe one of those cute young couples,

Wandering around you.

Now, this is the time when a passerby cannot ignore the request of a snap by the couples

While hugging each other.

For every heart knows they just want to keep the memory of their bond.

Perhaps, the bond they build in years and the moment they share with the cherry tree.

So, let me be carefree for a moment and light the joys of life

And celebrate the present moments as much as I can

Like those  innocent kids playing under your blooming tree,

Or, like a damsel who just pick up a cherry flower that falls from your tree only to wear it in her hair.

I know, this moments will fade soon,

The moment that brings the freshness in the air with fragrance and delight,

The moment of a flower picking damsel and the smile she bears for a snap.

But the sights I have captured in my mind will always be vivid and clear.

For, this much I know that I won’t let the dust fall on the cherry blossom picture that I hang on my wall.

By Bharati Singha






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