Happy Halloween


I took a few pictures of painted pumpkins this Halloween in Downtown Jersey City while enjoying the kids parades on Newark Avenue. These pumpkins art is so much alluring both for kids and adults. Also, the Halloween scarecrows are designed beautifully and artistically. Kids in different colorful costumes participated in the parade and they collect candies in their colorful pumpkin baskets.  Undoubtedly, this is truly a Halloween family bash. The Harvest festival is full of fun and it’s the time when kids get dressed and go to celebrate the festival and get candies. The Autumn is the time of the harvest and this is the perfect time of the year to celebrate with friends and families. The colorful changing leaves, the falling dry leaves, the big pumpkins, the corns, the Halloween scarecrows, the indoor and outdoor decoration of harvest time, the autumn rains, and so on everything is so beautiful and satisfying to mind and soul.

painted funny faces on halloween pumpkin

pumpkin decoration halloweenhalloween decoration for kids parade in jersey cityDSC_0640halloween scarecrows

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