That’s Where Everyone Wants to Go – Bow Bridge, Central Park, NYC


Looking for a romantic urban escape in NYC?  Then the Bow Bridge of Central Park, NYC is the best place for you. This handsomely designed majestic bridge is the muse for photographers and movie makers. Both for the real and reel life lovers and couples this place is awesomely designed in the natural setting of the Central Park where NYC’s beautiful city skylines can be seen rising above the park’s natural surroundings. Like its name the Bow Bridge is the reminiscent of the bow of an archer or violinist and it spans 60 feet across the lake linking the cultivating and flowering landscape of Cherry Hill with rustic and beautiful woods of the Rambles. This gorgeous work of art has eight urns rising from the bridge. Whether you want to have a walk across the bridge or just want to have a sit and enjoy the view, definitely you can find a plenty of reasons to be here which can amuse you. However, experiencing the boating can also be a great idea to view the bridge and the scenery from the water.

me with beautiful urn in bow bridge

My Review: Visiting to the Bow Bridge, Central Park, New York City, New York is a lovely experience. Amidst the calm and quite natural settings, the bow bridge is a gorgeous work of art. Beneath the bridge you can see the couples and families sailing boats. Everything is so melodious here. I saw a guitarist playing his guitar sitting by the bridge. While walking across the bridge, I saw the urns and pose for a pic. These urns add the real elegance to the bridge. To look at the bridge and its beautiful natural surrounding, I went to its opposite side where you can see the whole view from a lovely little hut. While approaching towards that little hut, I heard two singers standing there and play guitars with the tune of  Christina Perri’s “A thousand years” which happens to be one of my all times favorite songs.


If you are living your life among the high raised brick building and just forgot when you find contemplating yourself with Nature in beautiful natural surroundings then visiting Bow Bridge in Central Park in New York City, New York is the great idea for you. There are lots of websites that says a lot about the bow Bridge, but they won’t share with you the real experience that one wants to know. So, here I am to share you that while your visit to Bow Bridge, in order to enjoy the gorgeous views of the park regardless of the seasons take your seat in (Bow Bridge gazebo) one particular spot which I mentioned as a little hut in above paragraph. Here, I am sharing a few photos of Bow Bridge that I took from different sides of the lake.

view of the lake through the leaves

amazing view of Bow Bridge, Central Park

Boating in the lake near Bow Bridge, Central Park, New York City

My Bow Bridge pics


Location of Bow Bridge in Central Park, New York City

Mid-Park at 74th Street west of Bethesda Terrace, connecting Cherry Hill and The Ramble.


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