Family Weekend Getaway In The Ocean City Boardwalk, New Jersey

I must admit. I love the ocean breeze, the sound of the rolling sea waves, feeling the sea waves in my feet and walking along the shores leaving footprints in the sand. This summer our family trip to Ocean city Boardwalk, New Jersey is a beautiful and memorable experience to cherish for a lifetime. People who knew the pain of living confined indoors during the perpetual snowfall in winter with a very little outdoor activities will surely love to have fun in the sun. So, the sun, sand, and the sea are the three majestic words that we needed most to help regain the joyful spirit. No matter for how many years you are married now and parenting how many kids, you still have permission to have a romantic escape with your spouse every now and then taking out times from busy schedules of life. So, here is this place Ocean city in the heart of Jersey Shore in the state of New Jersey, which is also known as the America’s greatest family Resort around the world.

If you are residing in one of these three places New York, Philadelphia or Atlantic City, you are a lucky person for this beautiful beach destination is very near to your place and you can even plan for weekend fun here in Ocean City Boardwalk. But, if you are coming from other far away states of America then in that case also it’s also a worth visiting place for families with children and no wonder this pristine beach of 8 miles can offer so many activities to do during your stay for a vacation of a week or a month. There are a number of affordable accommodations available just a few feet away from the Ocean City Boardwalk. Whether you want to book a hotel or take a house in rent for a week or more you would definitely going to get every kind of family friendly facility over here in Ocean city, New Jersey.

The Ocean City Boardwalk of New Jersey is 2.5 miles long. That is the reason why people enjoy walking experiencing at the same time the beautiful views on both sides. While your random stroll at Ocean City Boardwalk,  you will find lots of food places to eat and many fun things to do. If you are tired walking just have a sit in one of those benches in boardwalk and have a look at the nice views of colorful umbrellas along the sea shore and where the deep blue sea meets the sky in distant horizon and seagulls flying all over around. To me, seagulls are so beautiful birds to watch flying overhead and even more amazing to watch them standing carelessly near the ocean waves while rolling in. However, be cautious while you are eating foods. These guys may suddenly come from nowhere and could snatch foods out of your hand.

See the waves, have sunbath, dig the sand, build sand castle with your kids and so, while enjoying these activities be sure your inner child will definitely come out naturally for this Ocean City beach of New Jersey is a perfect place for children of all ages and also for people who are kids at heart.

Despite enjoying walking along the Ocean City Boardwalk, having delicious foods, watching bikers and travelers, what catches my attention are these little timeless beauties – the flimsy fences around the dunes, the green grass growing in the sand, a pine tree along the boardwalk, a bike standing alone, a seagull with the ocean waves, kites flying in the sky and above all these what amused me the most is the beach wedding that I have seen. So, in order to make these beautiful moments memorable, I tried to capture through my lance all these beauties I spotted along the boardwalk. However, the photographs turn out pretty good though. Here are some of my favorite photos of the Ocean City Boardwalk to share:

The Path towards the beach in Ocean City, New Jersey
The Path that leads to the Ocean City Beach, New Jersey
Ocean City Beach view through a bike (2)
A Bike Standing Alone.
a seagull standing near the rolling ocean waves
A seagull with the rolling waves in Ocean City Beach, NJ
a pine tree along the boardwalk in ocean city, New jersey
A Beautiful Pine Tree
flimsy fence along the beach and grass growing on sand
Flimsy Fence and Green Grass on Sand
The lifeguard boat in Ocean City, New jersey
A Boat in Ocean City, NJ
Warning for swimmers in Ocean City Boardwalk Beach, New Jersey
Written warnings for the swimmers on the beach of Ocean City, New Jersey
Kite flying over the Ocean City, New Jersey
Colorful Kites Flying In The Air
The wedding at the Ocean City Beach, New Jersey
The Beach Wedding
Ocean City Boardwalk angular view
Angular View Of The Ocean City Boardwalk, New Jersey
View of Boardwalk from beach
Spectacular view of the boadwalk from the beach
wooden fence intersecting ocean and sand in Ocean City, New Jersey
Wooden fence separating Sea and Sand
At Ocean City Boardwalk, New Jersey
Castaway Cove, Ocean City, NJ


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